Prepping it with Ralph



If you were to step into my closet, you would probably think that I had an addiction to navy blue and white, which is certainly no understatement. Whenever I set foot in my favorite boutique or retail scene, I can almost guarantee that I will go straight to the first navy blue or navy blue/white combo that I see. To me, these colors are timeless and almost always look polished.

When I think of these colors, the first thing that comes to my mind is the American dream. In fact, one of my favorite designers, Ralph Lauren, has become a symbol of the American dream. With this being said, I do not think it is a coincidence that most Ralph Lauren Polo advertisements have navy blue and white in them, whether it is in the lettering or the clothing itself. Take this classic ad as an example. In fact, the Ralph Lauren website is, not surprisingly, white with navy blue lettering.

While many of our high-end designers come from European roots, our American-born Ralph Lauren has a crisp, almost nostalgic aesthetic that America just cannot get enough of. While Lauren did not come from a wealthy background, he had a vision for a brand that he was determined to make successful. Although he only attended business school for a few years, the goal that he had in mind and preppy aesthetic of his brand, which started as a line of ties under the brand name, Polo, would cause him to succeed against other odds.

With this taken into account, I think that we should all embrace a bit of the Ralph Lauren brand and the American dream that it represents daily.


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