Loafers- Essential for Every Fashionable Woman


This September, Gucci loafers were seen all over NYFW on the feet of Vogue’s accessories editor Virginia Smith and other fashion royalty. I mean, who wouldn’t want a pair of these on their feet. They are timeless, comfortable and fashionable. Whether you are a modern minimalist, chic Parisian or classic prep, they will fit right into anyone’s closet with ease. Simply stated, they are the Taylor Swift of the shoe department. They get along with everyone, and everyone either loves them instantly or grows to adore them.

However, if you are a college student like I am, the cost of these shoes probably makes you wince more than your sixth grade yearbook photo. But if you do some online-shopping research, you can probably find a high-quality pair that is comparable, but not as expensive as the Gucci pair. If you are willing to take my word for it, look no further than this pair of Vince Camuto Signature loafers.


I happened to scroll their way during an online shopping session on SaksOff5th.com – a recent addiction of mine – and could not help but marvel at how much they resembled the Gucci pair with the metal bar across the top and leather construction.

They would look great with a cropped pair of trousers or denim, or a seasonal suede skirt. In Christian Dior’s  The Little Dictionary of Fashion, he made a point to say that all shoes should be made of leather or suede and come in classic colors, ranging in black, navy blue, brown and white. Though it may not be feasible to follow these guidelines strictly, now that Chuck Taylors are a huge staple in American fashion, Dior’s shoe rule could significantly decrease your chance of making another fashion faux pas. High quality shoes are like insurance: no matter what accident you fall into, (I’m talking to you, going-out top), you will always be able to depend on them to make the negative effects a little less painful.  In the case of loafers, whether you use them to class up a frumpy T-shirt and jeans or sharpen a tweed suit, they will polish any outfit.

In short, don’t splurge on the Uggs; invest in the loafers. Your stock in them will stay valuable for a long time.


One thought on “Loafers- Essential for Every Fashionable Woman

  1. Wow those loafers are so chic and sophisticated! How preppy yet classy at the same time. Goodbye Sperry, hello Gucci (or Vince)! As long as the shoe fits, I’m gonna wear it

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