Prepping it with Ralph

If you were to step into my closet, you would probably think that I had an addiction to navy blue and white, which is certainly no understatement. Whenever I set foot in my favorite boutique or retail scene, I can almost guarantee that I will go straight to the first navy blue or navy blue/white […]

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Living Life, Barbie Style

I have been obsessing over Jeremy Scott’s spring 2015, ready-to-wear collection that he designed for Moschino. If you have not seen it already, first of all, you are missing out. Secondly, you must check it out here.  If you were anything like me, growing up, you probably idolized Barbie and wished that you could wear all […]

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Black, White and Coral All Over

If you do not have a pencil skirt in your wardrobe, it is most definitely time to invest in one. In fact, the clock is ticking for you to start building up your collection. A pencil skirt is not made exclusively for a basic blazer and briefcase, anymore. While our mothers used to wear them […]

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