This Purse is “Calling” your Name



Even though fashion editors are displaying the Apple watch left and right, including Anna Wintour, no one integrates fashion and tech with the same flare as Betsey Johnson.

While the presence of tech in fashion has become more avant-garde in 2015 with advancements such as a fashionable version of the Fitbit by Tory Burch and a tech dress by Chromat, which was debuted at NYFW, Betsey Johnson proved that simpler applications of tech can be more amusing. This time, instead of an outrageous tutu, the charismatic, cart-wheeling designer opened her infinite dress-up box to retailers with an old-fashioned phone purse.

The innovative use of a phone in place of a normal leather handle is more practical than you may think. The curly cord leads to a USB inside the handbag that plugs into your smart phone. With this, you can literally talk on the Betsey Johnson phone, with your smart phone incognito.

While talking on the phone may get you a few scrutinizing glances, if you don’t mind a little humorous speculation, give your go-to clutch a night off, and accessorize your LBD with a phone purse. After all, it is only one click, swipe or “rrring!” away.



Living Life, Barbie Style


I have been obsessing over Jeremy Scott’s spring 2015, ready-to-wear collection that he designed for Moschino. If you have not seen it already, first of all, you are missing out. Secondly, you must check it out here

If you were anything like me, growing up, you probably idolized Barbie and wished that you could wear all of her too-cute-for-words outfits. Well, Jeremy Scott has quite literally pulled Barbie out of the box and onto the runway. The photos from the show remind me of a scene from the Disney original film, “Lifesize”, where Tyra Banks plays a doll like Barbie, named Eve, who comes to life.

Everything, from the bubblegum-pink outfits, to the candy colored pumps and the over-exaggerated accessories are reminiscent of Barbie. Although Barbie has been brought to life a few times in the past, by Bob Mackie specifically, as Cher’s go-to designer, his version of Barbie was a bit more exotic and abstract. Whereas Jeremy Scott’s collection pays tribute to the platinum-blonde doll that has made toy store shelves her home since 1959. I can’t help but muse over this collection by Jeremy Scott for Moschino. It just makes you feel like you are being transported to Barbie’s dream house in Malibu, and you really do not want to leave.

My favorite piece is this trench coat. The large, gold buttons, the black trim, the light, mocha-colored fabric and the black cuffs are the definition of adorable. I especially adore how it is styled on the model, with the foulard, gold cat-eye sunglasses and the metallic gold pumps.

In light of this collection, I felt inspired to adopt my own Barbie world with a few favs from my closet.

The dress that I am wearing is a white Betsey Johnson cocktail dress with gingham trim and crinoline lining. Not only did the silhouette and detailing remind me of Barbie, but gingham is very much on trend this season. If you look at the Diane von Furstenberg spring 2015, ready-to-wear collection, hereyou will see what I am talking about. I also wore a pink lip, which can be bought here, to brighten up my Barbie look.

All in all, if you ever want to play dress up, Barbie is a fabulous icon to follow!